How to Change Plans or Cancel Add on Baggage of Thai AirAsia

A lot of people might already know that Thai AirAsia has an option to upgrade baggage, but of them don’t know how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia. With the way luggage weight is monitored so strictly nowadays, some of you probably thought that it is better that “just in case…” so you go on and order the special extra baggage feature – which is nice, you’d pay less for more weight, until you realize you actually pack lighter than you initially think of.

Additional Baggage Policies of Thai AirAsia

Before you read how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia, you may want to know in details what deals are being served by Thai AirAsia for the passengers who want to bring more baggage. Here are the options available both for add-ons for cabin bag and checked baggage if you fly with Thai AirAsia:

  • Xtra Carry-On

If you wish to only bring your cabin bag with you during travel, but wish that it can carry more weight and stuffs, Thai AirAsia offers you with Xtra Carry-On service. This feature allows you to bring one additional cabin bag onboard, that must exceed 7kgs. To put it simply, Xtra Carry-On is an extra feature that allows you to bring two cabin bags onboard, in addition to the standard cabin baggage allowance according to the airline’s policy. That being said, both bags shouldn’t exceed 14 kgs.

For those of you who want to purchase the Xtra Carry-On service and bring additional cabin bag with you, you may order it when booking your flight in the official website of AirAsia. This service is available under section of ‘Add-ons’, that pops up after you have successfully booked your flight via MyBooking. It is available up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.


  • Additional Checked Baggage

Feature of extra baggage is available to be purchased both via online or when you were at the airport. Purchasing it online might provide you with more chance to save money. This service allows you to buy additional baggage allowance up to 40kg each person.

If you want to upgrade your checked back allowance via online, you may do it in MyBookings sections of the official airline’s website. It is available up to four hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Now, back to the real question that needs an answer here: how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia? Unfortunately, even if some airlines allow you to cancel your upgraded baggage and receive full refunds over it, Thai AirAsia makes it clear that any add-ons, both the additional cabin bag and checked baggage cannot be canceled.

It can be frustrating knowing you cannot cancel your additional baggage order. However, see the silver lining here, you can prepare better on your next trip and not falling into the same mistake anymore. In the end, the best ways to avoid paying more for your baggage can be done through some tips and tricks, so you’d be able to avoid the excessive fees that can be used better to fund your vacation.

Here are several tips on how to avoid paying extra baggage fees:
  1. Read thoroughly the baggage policies of your airline

This probably does not need to be said, but you really need to read the baggage policies of the airline if you want to avoid paying fees for excess baggage. Do mind that each airline has different policies regarding it, so you may not make a mistake by assuming every airline is the same if you are booking a ticket to use their service for the first time. The baggage allowance is normally determined by several factors, including your flying class and flight destination. That being said, majority of airlines will charge for every kilogram of excess weight at the airport.


  1. Pack smarter

Naturally, the best way to avoid paying for additional fees is to packing lightly. However, sometimes, it is just not a choice. You might need to pack for a month trip or to travel for an extensive period of time. In this case, it is understandable that you want to bring a lot of clothing pieces and personal belongings, as your baggage allows. Time like this is where you need to pack smarter instead of lighter. You may want to go and buy lightweight suitcase – it can spare you some kilos of the luggage because suitcase frame is usually heavy. To provide room for the essentials, wear the bulkier piece of clothes when you travel. And last but not least, consider which items can be bought when you have actually arrived of destination, instead of dragging them along and waste the precious weight allowance.


  1. Purchase extra baggage weight

You have read about it above, and how Thai AirAsia airline doesn’t actually allow you to cancel the order. However, if you are sure that you really need those extra kilos, you might want to consider this option back. It is always cheaper to be safe and pay for the extra add-ons online, rather than to get your baggage charged with extra fees. This option may help you to smooth out through the process and checking in, and help you to avoid some stress when you are packing your items.


  1. Using third-party luggage shipper

Nowadays, there is a lot of third-party luggage shipper that offers nice, affordable alternative if you are planning to bring your massive luggage to abroad destination. It allows you to be worry-free about carrying your luggage during the flight. No surprise on the excess weight either! You may want to consider this option whether you are taking the trip for work or for leisure. You will meet the luggage upon your arrival at the accommodation. This service won’t help you to save money only, but also lets you free from the heavy luggage when travelling around.


  1. Buy a luggage scale

It is especially frustrating to encounter unexpected baggage fare when you are about to travel. Here’s a really easy tip for you: just get a luggage scale. This tool can help to save the hassle by checking if you overweight your luggage during the packing at home. Then, if it is indeed overweight, you can begin to plan on the next strategy, whether it is to put out some extra stuff or use extra baggage weight service from the airline.

Since currently there is no way to know how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia because the option is simply not available, you may want to consider the last option. Just let go of the pennies. It will save you from the unnecessary awkward conversations with the airlines’ representative, so forget about it and enjoy your travel ahead!