How to Change Plans or Cancel Add on Baggage of Thai AirAsia

A lot of people might already know that Thai AirAsia has an option to upgrade baggage, but of them don’t know how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia. With the way luggage weight is monitored so strictly nowadays, some of you probably thought that it is better that “just in case…” so you go on and order the special extra baggage feature – which is nice, you’d pay less for more weight, until you realize you actually pack lighter than you initially think of.

Additional Baggage Policies of Thai AirAsia

Before you read how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia, you may want to know in details what deals are being served by Thai AirAsia for the passengers who want to bring more baggage. Here are the options available both for add-ons for cabin bag and checked baggage if you fly with Thai AirAsia:

  • Xtra Carry-On

If you wish to only bring your cabin bag with you during travel, but wish that it can carry more weight and stuffs, Thai AirAsia offers you with Xtra Carry-On service. This feature allows you to bring one additional cabin bag onboard, that must exceed 7kgs. To put it simply, Xtra Carry-On is an extra feature that allows you to bring two cabin bags onboard, in addition to the standard cabin baggage allowance according to the airline’s policy. That being said, both bags shouldn’t exceed 14 kgs.

For those of you who want to purchase the Xtra Carry-On service and bring additional cabin bag with you, you may order it when booking your flight in the official website of AirAsia. This service is available under section of ‘Add-ons’, that pops up after you have successfully booked your flight via MyBooking. It is available up to 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.


  • Additional Checked Baggage

Feature of extra baggage is available to be purchased both via online or when you were at the airport. Purchasing it online might provide you with more chance to save money. This service allows you to buy additional baggage allowance up to 40kg each person.

If you want to upgrade your checked back allowance via online, you may do it in MyBookings sections of the official airline’s website. It is available up to four hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

Now, back to the real question that needs an answer here: how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia? Unfortunately, even if some airlines allow you to cancel your upgraded baggage and receive full refunds over it, Thai AirAsia makes it clear that any add-ons, both the additional cabin bag and checked baggage cannot be canceled.

It can be frustrating knowing you cannot cancel your additional baggage order. However, see the silver lining here, you can prepare better on your next trip and not falling into the same mistake anymore. In the end, the best ways to avoid paying more for your baggage can be done through some tips and tricks, so you’d be able to avoid the excessive fees that can be used better to fund your vacation.

Here are several tips on how to avoid paying extra baggage fees:
  1. Read thoroughly the baggage policies of your airline

This probably does not need to be said, but you really need to read the baggage policies of the airline if you want to avoid paying fees for excess baggage. Do mind that each airline has different policies regarding it, so you may not make a mistake by assuming every airline is the same if you are booking a ticket to use their service for the first time. The baggage allowance is normally determined by several factors, including your flying class and flight destination. That being said, majority of airlines will charge for every kilogram of excess weight at the airport.


  1. Pack smarter

Naturally, the best way to avoid paying for additional fees is to packing lightly. However, sometimes, it is just not a choice. You might need to pack for a month trip or to travel for an extensive period of time. In this case, it is understandable that you want to bring a lot of clothing pieces and personal belongings, as your baggage allows. Time like this is where you need to pack smarter instead of lighter. You may want to go and buy lightweight suitcase – it can spare you some kilos of the luggage because suitcase frame is usually heavy. To provide room for the essentials, wear the bulkier piece of clothes when you travel. And last but not least, consider which items can be bought when you have actually arrived of destination, instead of dragging them along and waste the precious weight allowance.


  1. Purchase extra baggage weight

You have read about it above, and how Thai AirAsia airline doesn’t actually allow you to cancel the order. However, if you are sure that you really need those extra kilos, you might want to consider this option back. It is always cheaper to be safe and pay for the extra add-ons online, rather than to get your baggage charged with extra fees. This option may help you to smooth out through the process and checking in, and help you to avoid some stress when you are packing your items.


  1. Using third-party luggage shipper

Nowadays, there is a lot of third-party luggage shipper that offers nice, affordable alternative if you are planning to bring your massive luggage to abroad destination. It allows you to be worry-free about carrying your luggage during the flight. No surprise on the excess weight either! You may want to consider this option whether you are taking the trip for work or for leisure. You will meet the luggage upon your arrival at the accommodation. This service won’t help you to save money only, but also lets you free from the heavy luggage when travelling around.


  1. Buy a luggage scale

It is especially frustrating to encounter unexpected baggage fare when you are about to travel. Here’s a really easy tip for you: just get a luggage scale. This tool can help to save the hassle by checking if you overweight your luggage during the packing at home. Then, if it is indeed overweight, you can begin to plan on the next strategy, whether it is to put out some extra stuff or use extra baggage weight service from the airline.

Since currently there is no way to know how to cancel add on baggage AirAsia because the option is simply not available, you may want to consider the last option. Just let go of the pennies. It will save you from the unnecessary awkward conversations with the airlines’ representative, so forget about it and enjoy your travel ahead!





Top Ten Romantic Restaurants in Orange County, California

Romance is in the air. If you’re looking for a romantic dining experience, there’s a restaurant to match your taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner in Westchester or Long Beach or a private picnic in Catalina Island, California, there’s a romantic dining experience to be enjoyed close to home.

When you think of romance, many people immediately think of restaurants. There are some truly romantic restaurants in the world. Robert Vandekieft, of Salmon Bay, has created one of the nation’s best romantic restaurants. Here you can enjoy “The Golden Gate Menu”, a bread and cheese dinner with fondue chaudré with a glass of house wine. Forget the calories, forget the shepherd’s pie, it’s as romantic as it sounds! Hint: forget the light snack or cold drink, it’s sublime!

California Olive Oil Manufacturing Company was chartered in Bealua, California in May of 1920. It was formed to produce the world’s finest extra-virgin olive oil. Until this day, it’s the only American producer of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” It’s been in the family since 1984. You’ll find six levels of food art and a vast array of wine and wine products on the restaurant menu. If you’re a olive expert, there’s an oil-burning stove in the kitchen of the restaurant on the left. The stove is only used to heat the olive oil, not the food.

The restaurant is located on North Catt Street in the historic neighborhood of Santa Ynez. It’s only open for dinner from 6PM, with reservations being recommended. The Santa Ynez Valley Inn, Although this modern restaurant doesn’t have any tables or chairs, inside there’s a cozy dining room with a great view of the coastline. Prices are reasonable, and a breakfast buffet gives you a wholesome lunch. You can choose from the buffet or try an “assignment” of bread and olives included. The “assignment” is a piece of paper with olives in different numbered slots. You place the olives in the slots after they have been soaking in the hot water for several hours. It makes a great show and even the waiters and waitresses like it!

The Paseo de la Reforma is a great place to have a romantic dinner. Although this restaurant is in the tourist area (at 101 California Avenue, between Lonsdale and Marina Drives), it’s still a great place for a romantic evening. The lights, music and elegant setting of the restaurant make it the picture-perfect place for a candlelit dinner.

ishly, the food is to die for; no one should ever leave here hungry or thirsty. My favorite part of the restaurant is the Coq au Vin. If you haven’t tried this, it’s simply exquisite. There’s an amazing combination of fresh vegetables, fowl, and game with a kick of hot sauce. absolutely, the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. (And don’t worry, it’s usually very affordable.)

Don’t forget, this is a restaurant where they (‘Si!’) serve you and only you the most decadent, succulent desserts you could ever imagine. They have a huge wine menu and ‘mercada,’ (layered) pasta with Poached Quail or fresh Maui Woolen pasta with fresh sprouts. Be sure to taste a wine from their extensive list: they have a thing or two of their own.

The restaurant is located at 80 West Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105 on the corner ofieties A and B. Their hours are Monday through Sunday, 12:30pm – 9pm, and Wednesday through Saturday, 10am – 8pm. They are in the Poinsettia area, across from the U.S. Coast National Memorial. Parking is available on the street or at the Town and Country (isco).

Legend (L) Capitalato’s

If you’re a Italian and/or have a sweet tooth, then this is the place for you, they have a wide variety of pastas, cheeses used in their food, breads and of course their famous cappuccinos. The interior design is typical of Italian bistros and the seating is in an Italian style. While dining at Legend, sit on the outside terrace because the weather can be a lot cooler on the terrace.

Chinos (West Hills)

It’s a neighborhood of condo living, office buildings, shops, restaurants and a good-looking array of subdivision developments located in a convenient proximity to Fullerton. In this neighborhood, you’ll find the remodeled Sycamore Inn,alinbread building, (in settlements at Broadway and Orange Avenues), and the Contract Building.





Self-Quarantine Protest at Hotel, 2 Women from Germany Tuding Indonesia Corona Business

The video arrangement of TikTok clients @diaheropa out of nowhere turned into an interesting issue of public conversation. In a few clasps, the two ladies who professed to have flown from Germany communicated their fights about the standards of passage to Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We came from Europe conveying negative PCR letters, which were all done on the web, we just stepped through the exam that came straightforwardly, that could likewise be by means of email. However, when we showed up in Indonesia, we passed a horde of individuals who were possibly more perilous to (be presented to) crown, “said the proprietor of the record.

The group being referred to, he proceeded, was when rounding out and giving out structures. “At that point, we need to go to the migration group, we actually need to line at the traditions, lastly we need to push the lodging deals staff who don’t really have negative PCR results like us from Europe,” he said.

“At the point when I went to Europe since 2019 during the primary lockdown, I generally brought the PCR test results from Indonesia to Europe, and there were no words to advise me to do isolate. Since they realized I was negative (COVID-19), and every one of them. Plane travelers additionally convey PCR negative sacks, “he said.

“However, assuming we would prefer not to be contaminated with the crown, we can self-isolate it at home, with no expenses, without the public authority advising us to pay for PCR (tests). It’s equivalent to ‘business,'” said the TikTok client.

This account proceeds in a short video by composing the subtitle, “We are burnt out on 14 hours of movement. We actually need to can anticipate the inn and for the PCR twice. Gracious the essence of the crown business. We are jobless as a result of you and we are extorted by you.”

In the following video, the TikTok client recorded a clasp with a lady he professed to have met at the air terminal. Having gotten data that Wisma Atlet is for COVID-19 positive patients, the two chose to share a lodging while at the same time going through self-isolate.

“As a matter of fact, we have PCR from Europe, from Germany, (the outcome) is negative. At that point in the PCR, the outcomes are negative, there is a termination date of as long as 14 days. That implies we shouldn’t need to take an interest in isolate,” said the other lady.

He added a comparative story that the individuals who at first tried negative for COVID-19 from the SWAB PCR results could be positive in light of the fact that “the individuals who encompass us don’t really have PCR results.”

“We like (isolate) autonomously on the grounds that I am a quitter. The news is additionally befuddling, there are the individuals who say that at the Athlete House it is positive (COVID) somebody said that oneself isolate will be refuted. inn, sharing to inns, “said the lady.

“Do you realize the amount to pay for the lodging? At any rate Rp. 6.5 million,” he said. “The PCR isn’t free either,” proceeded @diaheropa while showing an installment receipt to the camera.




Holiday and Hobbies

Love The Adventure, 3 The Zodiac Wants To Go With An Accomplice

For certain individuals, a fun date includes Thai nourishment, Netflix, and resting early-lazing by beating practically the various alternatives on the table. Be that as it may, for other people, dating is disagreeable except if it includes elevation and climbing (or possibly an expanded heartbeat). Certain zodiac signs love to wander with their huge accomplice, which implies their optimal dating needs more exertion than putting in a Uber Eats request. Despite the fact that everybody’s concept of the “experience ” varies (for me, “Experience ” is attempting a shiny new almond milk), there is no preventing that a few signs from claiming life for a decent adrenaline while others are happy with the Scrabble game Good.

Voyaging, follow Anti-Ribet Tips at the air terminal

Individuals who like to wander with alcohols will in general have a ton of vitality. They are indications of practicing to assuage pressure and who favor shaving their eyebrows as opposed to spending Friday nighttimes at home. The valiant SO likewise will in general turn out and impulsivity, which makes them bound to design unforeseen date evenings. Nothing amiss with having an anticipated night however exceptionally charming with your alcohol. In any case, in the event that you are searching for a couple that will consistently make you think about when you are as one, you might need to date one of these three signs.

1. Aries (March 21-April 19)


With regards to impulsivity, Aries takes the cake. Certain and fearless, those brought into the world under this fire sign consistently feel constrained to test existing known limits, particularly when tempt their SO. Aries are aggressive, so despite the fact that they are simply rivaling themselves, they need to make each date with their liquor preferred and all the more fascinating over the last. The sign is likewise liberal, and they won’t spare a moment to pay their accomplice to plunge the umbrella or spend time with them. For Aries, a wonderful experience is important.

2. Gemini (May 21 to June 20)


Geminis might be reluctant, however this is what they know without a doubt: they love to have a fabulous time. Like Aries, Gemini hasty, and in light of the fact that they are constantly alive right now, they will in general follow the impulses of the arrangement. As an indication of duality, you will never comprehend what’s in store from a Gemini. Think you just went to the film with a Gemini drink? Reconsider. You may wind up at a club or on a trip to Bangkok before the night closes. The versatile Geminis like to turn over with the punch, and they will take their SO for the excursion.

3. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)


Sagittarius is swashbuckler of the zodiac, so it bodes well on the off chance that they love to experience with a definitive extortion. This sign can not be agreeable, and all the vitality that is unsteady typically prompts improvised choices and unexpected endeavors. In spite of the fact that Sags as a rule doesn’t care for being tied up by a relationship, they are glad to have companionships with a similar deft accomplice as they may be. Those brought into the world under the indication of giddy are live for the wild and strange domain. Do you like going without maps? At that point you may need to date Sagittarius.

Investing energy with SO doesn’t need to feel like interminable experience to be entertaining. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a relationship brimming with shocks, you may need to discover one of the three indications of this experience journey.